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Universal by barriclean mono

Universal by Barriclean Mono
Dimensions :
110 x 66 x 70
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4 in 1 Customizable washing solution
Electronic management of cleaning cycles for barrels

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Universal®, by Barriclean Mono, in alimentary brushed stainless steel finishing, offers the same
characteristics of the Barriclean® steam generator, combined with a fully programmable wash station for customized cleaning for all your barrels, chemicals-free. The washing station can take one barrel.Each is connected to a Wash Barrel fitted with a dual outlet of water and steam.

A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) customizable touch screen, allows you to select and record each sequence of your cleaning cycle and duration (hot water, cold water, pressurized water, steam).

- Usage : Barrels
- Number of barrels/day : 50 to 60
- Accessories : 1 steam wash barrel, Pressurized water

- Washing station :

  1 inlet for hot water, cold water, pressurized water, controlled by solenoid valves, 20 or 100 bars
  1 hose from the wash station to the wash barrel
  1 + decarbonator filter
  1 steam outlet controlled solenoid valves
  1 pipe of 2.5 meters, macon fitting Ø 40 mm

- Automatic Cleaning :
  Cycle sequences for water and steam cycle time (duration) (station 1)

Technical Specifications
- Console : Start/push button Start /Stop (station 1)
- Connector : 50 Hertz – 30A (Phase + Neutral + Earth)
- Voltage : 380 volts
- Mobility : on wheels
- Guarantees Parts and workmanship : 1 year

110 x 66 x 70
Net Weight
70.00 kg
Gross Weight
80.00 kg


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