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Frequently asked questions

Barriclean : Is my water hard?

Your water is hard when it is full in calcium, magnesium and minerals. The water is soft when it contains a few of the mentioned components.

When the hard water heats up, mineral deposits are formed on your continents surfaces, this is called “limestone”. This content of mineral salts depends on the geologic nature of the soil crossed by your water.

The hardness of the water is expressed in French degree (°F or TH). One hardness degree in French corresponds to 4 milligrams of calcium per water litre.

A water is :
- Soft : < 7 TH
- Medium soft : from 7 to 21 TH
- Hard : from 21 to 28 TH
- Very hard : > 28 TH

Each country expresses the water hardness in degrees, which does not correspond to the same quantity of salt.

Barriclean prescribes to install an anti-scaling system on your installation if the water hardness is above 21°F.

If you wish to know the hardness of your water, you can contact the company in charge of the water supply (coordinates on your invoice for water). You can also achieve your measurements thanks to test-strips, or by contacting us.

* Option : for very hard water, we recommand to use our Decarbonator Kit, which we fix outside the device.

Barriclean : What is the conductivity of the water and how can we measure it?

The conductivity of the water is the capacity of the water to spread noise, heat or in our case, electricity. This capacity corresponds to the opposite of the resistivity and is proportional to the concentration in mineral dissolved in the water. More a water has an important conductivity, more it will have mineral salts. The electrical conductivity of the water is expressed in Siemens per meter (S/m) or in Micro-Siemens per centimeter (µS/cm)

The conductivity is informed by the analysis results of your water network, by the analysis of a laboratory or by the intervention of one of your technician at Barriclean who makes the measurement thanks to a water tester, or by sending us a water sample.

According to the water conductivity level, we adapt the kind of cylinder for your Barriclean.

Barriclean : How maintain your cylinder?

The cylinder is a wearing part of your steam generator and an expensive spare part. In order to optimize the lifespan of your cylinder, we advice a regular maintenance.

The water does not have the same amount of minerals identical everywhere. Indeed, it is not easy to define a determinate operating period between two maintenances. A first  inspection after 50 hours of operation is prescribed in order to determinate more precisely the maintenance frequency of the cylinder. If a white deposit begins to form on the cylinder electrodes, you might need to proceed to more regular maintenances. On the contrary, if your cylinder is clean, you can space out your maintenances.

Example : If the use of Barriclean is twice a year, the maintenance of your cylinder is recommended at the end of each using period.

Disassemble the cylinder is quite an easy operation :

- Release carefully the electrodes’ caps.

- Loosen the hose clip and unplug the steam hose

- Raise the tank out of its base on the supplying collector / drain of the device

- Clean or replace the used tank

- The repositioning of the tank has to be done opposite to the positioning (be careful to replace the electrodes’ caps in the same order)

Barriclean : Why measure the electrical tension of my installation?

The electrical tension of the installation is suggested because an adjustment of Barriclean might be done. Effectively, some Barriclean features can be damaged by an incorrect adjustment, like the water level in the cylinder.

Barriclean : How optimizing the steam efficiency?

The disinfection of your barrel is efficient only if the heat of the steam goes correctly into the wood. If the wood is too cold, the condensation will prevent the steam to work correctly.

For an optimum efficiency, we recommend to have a good temperature into the barrels and not exceed a heat superior to 110°C with your Barriclean.

Barriclean : Do you need additional advises ?

Do not hesitate to contact the sales representative Barriclean of your area in order to obtain advises on the protocoles for using steam to maintain your wine material.

Hygromax : How connect my device ?

To connect your Hygromax, it is very easy, you need :
- 1 electrical connexion 220 Volts - 3 phases (phase + neutral + earth)
- 1 water connexion (Gardena Style)
- 1 water drainage (identical connexion for the automatic drain of the device)

Hygromax : How often do I need to change the decarbonator filter of my Hygromax ?

The decarbonator cartridge must be replaced every year.

Hygromax : What is the purpose of using a carbon filter and a micron filter ?

The active carbon cartridge contains active carbon from coconut. It enables to catch the chlorine dioxide and organic molecules (particularly pesticide) by absorption.
This cartridge is certified NSF 53 and is relative to the following performances : it catches the chlorine dioxide at 97,5% to 1200 Liters of treated water.
We recommend to change it every 3 months.
--> The filters avoid contaminations in the wineries.

Hygromax: How often do I need to maintain the transducers of my Hygromax ?

We advise to regularly check your transducers every 4500 hours of use. Formerly, we recommend revising the device after 2000 hours of use.

Hygromax : What is the humidification by ultrasounds ?

The innovative ultrasounds humidification technology of Hygromax® produces small droplets from 3 to 5 microns, negatively ionized.

Hygromax : What are the advantages of the micro droplets ?

The thiner the droplet is, the better is the absorption by the surronding air. The micro droplets of Hygromax are 100% absorbed by the air. So, there are no droplets  on the floor, neither on the barrels of your winery.

Hygromax : What are the impacts of the hygrometry on my wine ?

High temparatures and low humidity levels make the evaporation of the wine raise. Consequently, the insight of oxygen increases. It is favorable to the development of acetic acid bacterias. In wineries with high level of evaporation, the control of the evaporation by frequent ullage or a good control of the temperatures and hygrometries, will limit the increasing of the volatile acidity.
Effectively, limit the evaporation of the wine will also have a positive economic impact, because the hygrometry control of your winery will decrease the wine evaporation.

Hygromax : Do you need additional advises ?

Do not hesitate in contacting the sales representative Barriclean of your area in order to obtain advises on the optimization of the position of Hygromax in your winery, according to its configuration.
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